Sunaina Sindhwani is a clinical nutritionist and an internationally certified skin specialist in Canada. Her experience of over two decades in the field has taught her that, ‘Beauty is indeed just skin-deep’. She believes that aspiring for beauty makes humans special, but what is even more inspiring is people’s ability to transcend their circumstances, or fight against the tradition rooted in illogical thinking or dogma. She has been recently awarded “Best Debut Award” by Glorious India Awards 2022. For her professional excellence, she was honoured as a Star Performer by Glimpse Magazine in 2016. She got featured by The Times of Canada Magazine in 2017 for her debut novel “I Breathe Last for You” Her inspiring life journey and her contribution to the society as an Author got highlighted in “LifeStyle” Magazine, Gurugram and  Tri City Scoop Magazine, Chandigarh.

Sunaina Sindhwani’s second book, “The Purple Couch,” was launched by Mr. Ram Dass Athawale, Minister of Justice and Women Empowerment, at the MSME Star Awards in 2022. The author was awarded as the best Social Author for her contribution to society through her work of literature.

The Purple Couch is a true story about a bisexual woman named Tina who struggles to find acceptance and dignity in society due to her unconventional love choices. She eventually meets the love of her life, Sameer, but still faces challenges as the world only accepts conventional love between a boy and a girl. Throughout the book, Tina reflects on her journey to self-discovery and finding happiness in her relationships. The author, Sunaina Sindhwani, highlights the difficulties faced by the LGBTQ+ community in finding acceptance and the importance of embracing love in all its forms.


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I Breathe Last For You

Love gives life, sometimes it takes.


Saakshi and Raghav had been married for six years. They had a son. When Saakshi started working in Delhi, why did Rohit come into her life? Why did Saakshi become the victim of sexual assault so many times?

A real love story explaining a new relationship at the end of life itself!

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You read a couple of pages and get glued... This is what it did to me.. A heart wrenching true story.Beautifully written. Such a relatable story she voiced. It doesn't seem like a debut author's book. looking forward to her next creation..

Simran Kaur


A good book with true story which is a good lesson for all innocent girls who easily trust others and trapped by.Indeed a bold step by the writer to write about such a dark side of relationship.Well done Mrs.Sindhwani.This book is really a pride return to a lost soul.



The writing talent of Mrs. Sindhwani is so impressive, and I greatly appreciate the great efforts she makes to make a story lively and more relatable. She accurately highlights the current situations of multinational corporations' work cultures, which are quite demanding and hectic, and this book teaches us how to handle these situations better by managing work-life balance.

Anshuman Singh

Software Developer

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Love gives life, sometimes it takes.

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