Sunaina Sindhwani is a name that has made waves in the literary and clinical communities.

Sunaina Sindhwani is a name that has made waves in the literary and clinical communities. She is a clinical nutritionist and skin specialist based in Canada and is also an award-winning author and blogger. Her passion for writing was ignited in 2017 when she lost her best friend, Saakshi, to workplace sexual exploitation.

This tragedy inspired her to write her debut novel, “I Breathe Last for You,” which was published by Tellwell in Vancouver, Canada, and received a phenomenal response from readers around the world. Sunaina holds a master’s degree in nutrition from Chandigarh and a diploma in clinical skin from Canada.

Her unique background as a clinical professional and her natural ability to connect with people during counseling have allowed her to write about a variety of social issues in her novels. Despite facing opposition from some friends and relatives, Sunaina’s determination to serve others through her writing won out. She went on to write two books: “I Breathe Last For You,” a true story about her best friend’s journey, and “The Purple Couch,” about bisexuality.

Sunaina is a firm believer in the power of following your heart and instincts. She is a gold medalist in academics and has been recognized for her work in many magazines, including Times of Canada, Lifestyle, Hindustan, USA, India Express, and Glimpse Magazine. She was also awarded “Best Debut Author” by Glorious Awards and “Best Social Author Category” by MSME Star Awards in 2022. Sunaina’s second book, “The Purple Couch,” has been covered by major news outlets such as Aaj Tak, India News, MH 1, News 18, News 24, and Punjab News, as well as various YouTube channels. Her writing has a purpose: to bring awareness to social issues and help others transform their lives. In the future, Sunaina has big plans to become an authorpreneur and help budding writers improve their craft. She also hopes to start her own skin spa and publication house.

Sunaina’s message to everyone is simple: believe in your dreams and put all your energy and effort into making them come true.

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